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To celebrate Pride Month this June, we’re spotlighting some of our favorite stories by queer journalists, activists, and historians. Dive in to find your next favorite read.

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The Food That Makes You Gay

Jaya Saxena

Too many people grow up fearing what food might reveal about themselves. Maybe it’s time we embrace self-discovery.

The Uninhibited Joy of Queer Vacation Destinations

June Thomas

In an increasingly stressful world, summer vacations don’t only provide a blissful break from Zoom meetings, status reports, and all the other soul-smothering demands of the 9-to-5; they’re also downright restorative.

The Last Gay Erotica Store

Nathan Tavares

San Francisco’s AutoErotica is the last bookstore of its kind. For owner Patrick Batt and his customers, it’s an important bastion of forgotten histories.

Can AI Count Hate Crimes?

Gina Chua

Can a machine mimic a human trying to mimic a machine better than a human can? We built a bot to try and answer that question — one that could unlock real value, but also bring real challenges, to journalism.

Design is Trans

Joey Zeledón
Print Mag

“Being myself is a radical act. So is good design.” Joey Zeledón on how their industrial design experience was ideal preparation for their next challenge.

Queering the Room

Brooke Jackson-Glidden

The rising popularity and visibility of LGBTQ pop-ups and parties may seem new, but queer people have always found each other.