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5 Common Habits That Make You Less Attractive

Medium · 6 min

There are a quadrillion articles and videos that promise to teach you to become more attractive, likable, and influential. But while adding new traits to your personality can be a good add-on, what’s even more important is keeping an eye on the things you’re already doing.

People Aren’t Meant to Talk This Much

The Atlantic · 13 min

Your social life has a biological limit: 150. That’s the number—Dunbar’s number, proposed by the British psychologist Robin Dunbar three decades ago—of people with whom you can have meaningful relationships.

12 Smart Micro-Habits To Increase Your Daily Productivity

Medium · 7 min

Increasing your productivity doesn’t have to be rocket science. No need for complicated productivity systems, new apps, or Navy SEAL-level habits. Some of the simplest actions and micro-habits can have the biggest payoff in mental focus, energy, and overall productivity.

3 habits of especially happy people

Fast Company · 3 min

If you’re looking to improve your outlook, take a lesson from these individuals. 3 minute ReadIf you look around you, there are some people who generally seem happier than others.