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Mars scientists now know where to look for life

BBC · 4 min

There's an air of relief in the science team running the American space agency's (Nasa) Perseverance rover on Mars. The researchers are sure now they've sent the robot to a location that provides the best possible opportunity to find signs of ancient life.

Death, Physics and Wishful Thinking

Scientific American · 7 min

Our quirky minds thwart psychologists’ efforts to find durable theories. But terror-management theory has held up quite well since three psychologists proposed it more than 30 years ago. It holds that fear of death underpins many of our actions and convictions.

Dark energy might be neither particle nor field

Big Think · 13 min

What is it, at a fundamental level, that makes up the universe? When we ask this question, we typically think about starting with things that we directly observe — things like stars, planets, humans, gas, dust, plasma, and other forms of the matter we know — and dividing them up until you reach