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The Legacy of Latasha Harlins

Joel Anderson

A year before the L.A. riots, a 15-year-old Black high schooler was shot and killed in a local store. Here, Slow Burn host Joel Anderson explains how her untimely death impacted her community and the uprising to come

How Data Ownership Shapes the Web

Rebecca Weiss, Sydette Harry, Javaun Moradi, and Ted Han

Making sense of how personal data fuels problematic algorithms—and what it looks like to be part of the solution.

The Top Feel-Good Stories of 2021

Dave Pell

Pause your doomscrolling and take in something more uplifting: NextDraft newsletter guru Dave Pell revisits the most heartwarming news this year.

How to Make Better Coffee

Amy Maoz

A handy guide to upping your coffee game, from weighing different prep methods to troubleshooting your process.

How to Person in Public

Amy Maoz

A gentle guide to brushing up on your social skills in this nebulous stage of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Skincare 101

Darian Symoné Harvin

Making sense of the five essential steps to a properly cleansed and protected face.