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Being A Good Mom Doesn't Mean Being A Martyr · 9 min

Every year on Mother’s Day, I see people post old family photos on social media with captions praising moms for all the ways they prioritized their kids’ needs at the expense of their own. “You dropped whatever you were doing to help us.

What Parents Did Before Baby Formula

The Atlantic · 5 min

The baby was just two weeks old, and hungry. Elizabeth Hanson tried to breastfeed, but didn’t have enough milk. With terror, she watched as her daughter lost weight, tiny bones protruding from her skin.

Monopolies and the Baby Formula Shortage · 3 min

Families are desperately hunting around drugstores and groceries for baby formula amid a nationwide shortage. Analyst Datasembly indicates that 40 percent of leading baby formula products were out of stock in late April.

3 Simple Rules to Raise Kind Kids

Fatherly · 5 min

It's all about the small things. Parents spend a lot of time telling their kids to be nice to others — especially when siblings are involved. But raising kids who are kind takes more than scolding meanness.

A Smarter Way to Divide Chores?

The Atlantic · 3 min

In theory, coming up with a fair division of housework should be simple: Take all the tasks and divide them in two. In practice, it’s more complicated. Some people find certain tasks more bearable than their partners do. Some chores are ones that no one wants to do.

‘Mom Brain’ Isn’t a Joke

The Atlantic · 6 min

You may have seen it on TV, in your workplace, or at school drop-off. Maybe you’ve had firsthand experience, been warned of its impending arrival, or met someone who’s had it themselves. It’s both a neurobiological phenomenon and an institutional failure.