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Why College Professors Have Had Enough

Slate · 5 min

Lindsay Ellis, a reporter for the Chronicle of Higher Education, put out a call a little while ago for university employees who were looking to quit their jobs. She couldn’t believe the response. “There was a lot of anger, there was a lot of fear, and there was a lot of sadness.

25 Short Golden Rules of Learning

Medium · 4 min

The ability to learn rapidly is a skill you need in a consistently changing world. High achievers, lifelong learners and top performers rely on a set of principles, rules, routines, habits and actions to learn better.

25 Websites to Learn New Skills, For Free

Newsweek · 5 min

Learning is a life-long process. Yet if you're someone who always loves learning or wants to pick up a new, specific skill, then cost might be a problem. However, there are lots of free website out there that can teach you a range of skills for free.

5 Ways to Learn New Skills Effectively

Entrepreneur · 4 min

Learning a new skill can be one of the most satisfying things you can do to grow. Learning a new skill is not just a financially smart decision, but it is also good for your mental health. When you learn new skills, you feel more powerful.

Will That College Degree Pay Off?

The New York Times · 6 min

Most four-year degrees pay off by paving the way for graduates to recoup the cost of their education relatively quickly, a new analysis finds. But that’s particularly true for some programs, while others may offer little economic advantage over a high school diploma.

The Real College Scandal · 15 min

In 2019, fifty or so parents were found to have bribed administrators and coaches to have their children accepted to colleges around the country. This college-admissions scandal—“Operation Varsity Blues,” as it was known—got drawn out over several news cycles.

Elite Education · 17 min

One of the wonders of modern academia is that the ideal of workplace democracy should be so prevalent among people who regularly endure faculty meetings.