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Fix baseball? MLB is working on a plan

ESPN · 10 min

Editor's note: From rising strikeout totals and unwritten-rules debates to connecting with a new generation of fans and a looming labor battle, baseball is at a crossroads.

My Daughter's Long, Laborious Path to the Olympics

Sports Illustrated · 16 min

Brooke Forde overcame two COVID-19 scares, a mid-meet meltdown and a nerve-wracking Olympic Trials experience to qualify for the Tokyo Games.OMAHA — The Reticent Olympian was running toward me, face glowing, and that is a memory I will cherish until I have memories no more.

The Most Valuable Soccer Player In America Is A Goalkeeper

FiveThirtyEight · 6 min

Quick, who’s the most valuable player in your favorite sport? If you’re a football fan, odds are you thought of a quarterback and not a defensive lineman; in basketball, it’s probably a high-volume shooter, not a rim protector; in baseball, it’s often a slugger, rarely a pitcher.