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The 22 best board games

Polygon · 22 min

Over the last two decades, board gaming has undergone a near total transformation. What was once a hobby relegated to the dusty racks at the back of friendly local game stores has gone mainstream.

The 15 greatest video games of the 80s – ranked!

The Guardian · 7 min

The 1980s were crammed with wonderful adventure games – The Hobbit, King’s Quest, Leather Goddesses of Phobos – but the first point-and-click title to be designed by comic genius Ron Gilbert using the SCUMM scripting language is the classic that busted out of the genre ghetto.

The best games for Nintendo Switch

Engadget · 12 min

Just five years ago, Nintendo was at a crossroads. The Wii U was languishing well in third place in the console wars and, after considerable pressure, the company was making its first tentative steps into mobile gaming with Miitomo and Super Mario Run.

Why even the studios behind bestselling games shut down

The Verge · 8 min

In March 2013, Irrational Games released BioShock Infinite, the third game in the bestselling BioShock shooter series. It should have been a triumphant moment — early reviews were strong, the game shipped millions of copies, and the developers started work on an expansion called Burial At Sea.

Gaming in colour: uncovering video games’ black pioneers

The Guardian · 6 min

In the 1970s, in the fledgling days of the video games industry, an engineer named Gerald “Jerry” Lawson designed one of the earliest game consoles, the Channel F, and also led the team that invented the game cartridge, a defining innovation in how games were made and sold.

Why today feels like a quiet turning point for video games

Polygon · 4 min

Industry-changing shifts are easier to spot in hindsight, long after hundreds of little decisions steered video games into a new epoch. The parallel rise of downloadable content, post-launch patches, and in-app purchases happened over years. Today is different.

For some, Wii Fit’s legacy is body shame

Polygon · 8 min

Nintendo wants to make exercise easy and fun. At least, that’s the message the company tries to broadcast through health-conscientious developments like step counters and memory games.

I Insist You Play Mass Effect As a Woman

Slate · 4 min

Now that Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the remaster of BioWare’s groundbreaking space trilogy, is out, the video game series likely to reach a whole lot of first-time players—especially considering the current drought in new game releases.

Seeking alternatives to revenge narratives in games

Eurogamer · 6 min

Recently, I finally had an opportunity to play Sucker Punch's samurai epic Ghost of Tsushima, and its story of the Mongol invasion of Japan made me think about the way games treat revenge. At the heart of it, waging war is taking revenge, a form of payback for an injustice committed to you.

The Original Kings of Esports

The Atlantic · 9 min

Black players pioneered what we now call esports. The industry hasn’t paid them back. Jason Cole didn’t own a computer, but he was fairly certain that he was the best Street Fighter player in California.