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9 PC Games You Can Play Forever

WIRED · 1 min

How often do you hunt through your PC game library for something different and end up playing an old favorite instead? New games can be a big commitment. It might take hours to decide that a game is not for you, and you have only so much free time. The thing is, it’s OK to play one game forever.

The 15 greatest games of the 2010s – ranked!

The Guardian · 7 min

For a few months in 2016, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing people swiping at their phones, trying to catch a Psyduck superimposed on their local streets. The news was full of reports of people mobbing hotels or parks to find virtual critters.

The best solo board games

Polygon · 2 min

When you think of playing a board game, someone sitting alone at a table may not be the first thing that comes to mind. The social aspect of board games is obviously important, but a number of the best board games have satisfying puzzles to work out even if you can’t get anyone to join you.

The emotional rollercoaster of retro gaming magazine collecting

Polygon · 7 min

In 2013, I was just starting to really get paid to write about video games. Video game magazines were drying up, but I wanted to know about the history of my field and get a sense of where the “old game journalism” had gone right and wrong before the print magazines started to go belly up.

The best cooperative board games

Polygon · 2 min

Breaking out a new cooperative board game is always a cooperative experience. Everyone works together to find the best strategies to navigate an unknown landscape and achieve victory. But some games keep that co-op spirit alive after that first playthrough.

We Need a New Term for Video Games

The New York Times · 4 min

We’re seeing a ton of new games, and many of them blur the lines between video games and other types of activities. This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. You can sign up here to receive it weekdays.