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Starfield Sounds Way Too Big

Kotaku · 4 min

“These aren’t just backdrops,” Bethesda’s Todd Howard told game journalists while pointing to a mountain range off in the distance during an E3 2011 demo for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. “You can go up to the top of that mountain.

The best games of 2022 so far

The Guardian · 6 min

WordleCharming simplicity … Wordle. Photograph: clever, shareable word game was the feelgood story of the early part of the year, as mysterious coloured-block emojis proliferated across social feeds and half the planet was drawn into guessing the word of the day.

Diablo Immortal Is Far Too Good To Be Free

Kotaku · 8 min

Last week Blizzard launched Diablo Immortal, the next entry in its long-running, loot-driven action-RPG franchise. However, unlike previous games, this one is free-to-play, and was built from the ground up to be a mobile game first.

Mundane chores are all the rage in gaming

The Economist · 3 min

Markiplier, an american YouTuber, squeals with glee. He has selected a nozzle and is firing a jet of water at a rover on Mars; on the screen, a bar indicates how much of the machine he has cleaned.

The Best Cheap Gaming Laptop

The New York Times · 35 min

We’ve added new recommendations to reflect the state of gaming hardware in the first half of 2022. Cheaper laptops are being built with more powerful processors and GPUs all the time, but games are also getting more demanding.

49 Under-The-Radar Games That Belong On Your Radar

Kotaku · 7 min

Video game marketing season is an exercise in duality. For every Sony State of Play or Geoff Keigh3, there’s a lower key event—a Day of the Devs, say, or a Devolver Digital showcase. Today’s big one is the annual Guerrilla Collective livestream.

How to Play Chess

The New York Times · 4 min

Your guide to getting started with chess, and the New York Times chess puzzle. Chess is an ancient game that traces its roots back to India.

Diablo Immortal proves Diablo was always meant for phones

Polygon · 7 min

We all remember the announcement of Diablo Immortal at BlizzCon in 2018. The screaming, the crying, the foaming at the mouth at the very idea that the next installment of the hardcore RPG series would be a mobile game. That was how I felt when I heard the announcement.

Nintendo's Big Piracy Case Is A Very Sad Story

Kotaku · 8 min

Back in February, Gary Bowser—who in most media reports has been described as a ‘hacker’—was sentenced to 40 months in prison for his role in selling cheat and modification devices for Nintendo hardware.