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16 Exercises to Help You Lose Belly Fat

Men's Health · 11 min

There are few fitness accolades perched above a washboard stomach; it's living proof that you've put time in at the gym, watch your diet and have found time to dish out a one-two punch to belly fat.

How to best burn calories while walking

CNN · 4 min

It's no secret that walking is good for you. Many of us are trying to get in those recommended 10,000 steps a day that our wearable fitness technology urges us to achieve.

Seven simple steps to sounder sleep

The Guardian · 6 min

Everything about our day impacts our sleep. How many minutes we spend outside, what and when we eat, what’s happening with our hormones, our habits, emotions, stress and thoughts – all this feeds into the sleep we end up with at night.

6 Symptoms of Low Protein—and How to Get More into Your Diet

Runner's World · 6 min

Carbs and fat give your muscles the fuel they need to keep your motor running. Protein helps keep that engine in good working order by repairing and strengthening those quads, calves, and hamstrings after all the wear and tear you put them through. Protein also does more than make your muscles.

When you should eat to fuel your workout

CNN · 4 min

You finished eating dinner 15 minutes before your run, and now you're cramping and gasping for air. Maybe early morning is your only time to work out, but you woke up hangry and don't know if you can make it through a weightlifting session.