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Zoom Nearly Broke My Body. Here’s How to Protect Yours

WIRED · 7 min

Whether you’ll keep working from home or return to the office, the pandemic has shown us the importance of a safe, comfortable workspace. For many of us forced to do our jobs where we lived, that meant creating a makeshift station out of whatever space or supplies were available.

What overexercising does to your body and brain

Business Insider · 3 min

Following is a transcript of the video. Narrator: Exercising is supposed to be good for you. It can help you stay at a healthy weight, improve your cardiovascular health, and even ward off depression. But like most things, it's possible to over-do it.

5 best shoulder exercises for a strong and toned upper body

CNET · 3 min

Your shoulders are some of the most important muscles in your body. They're involved in every upper body movement, whether you realize it or not. Every pushing and pulling movement you make with your arms uses your shoulder muscles one way or another.

How to Design a Better Body

GQ · 12 min

This summer is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to create the body you want. Our fitness columnist designed a 24-step plan to help you work smarter, eat better, and get moving—starting right now.PREPARE1. Right now—this very moment!—is your chance to design, then create, the body you want.

11 Yoga With Adriene Workouts That Help Ease Back Pain

Bustle · 4 min

If you find yourself twisting and turning in an effort to alleviate a twinge-y cramp in your back, why not plop onto the floor instead and try a yoga workout for back pain? After 20 minutes of cat-ing and cow-ing, stretching and breathing, you very well might be cured — or at the very least tempor