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It’s Finally Clear Why Amazon Bought Whole Foods

Slate · 7 min

The following article is a written adaptation of an episode of Thrilling Tales of Modern Capitalism, Slate’s podcast about companies in the news and how they got there. In 2017, Amazon entered the grocery business by tossing Whole Foods in its shopping cart.

Fintechs Are Zeroing in on Everything Big Banks Aren’t · 6 min

My north star(s) for philosophy, management, and politics are Star Wars, The Sopranos, and Game of Thrones, respectively. The Iron Bank (GoT) is a metaphor for today’s financial institutions, if present-day banks didn’t need bailouts or to invent fake accounts to juice compensation.

Bill Ackman’s Three SPACs Were Too Many

Bloomberg · 1 min

Bill Ackman runs a big hedge fund called Pershing Square Capital Management LP. Since 2012, he has also run a public investment company called Pershing Square Holdings Ltd., which provides more capital for Ackman to invest.