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Is the economy kind of good now?

Vox · 10 min

If this is a recession, it is a weird one. It might be time to open up a perhaps surprising possibility here, at least if you’ve been paying attention to the chatter around high-profile layoffs and a potential recession. The economy seems like it’s … kind of in a pretty decent spot.

The Junkification of Amazon

New York Magazine · 11 min

Why does it feel like the company is making itself worse? Let’s say you’re a regular Amazon shopper in need of a spatula. You might start your journey by typing the word “spatula” into the search box with a qualifier or two (“silicone,” “fish,” “magenta”).

The curse of the corporate headshot

The Economist · 4 min

Do an image search for the word “business” or “manager”, and what comes back? Nothing that remotely resembles business or managers. It isn’t just that the people are attractive. It is what they are doing. Many stock photos feature well-dressed types sitting around a table.