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Does anyone actually understand inflation?

The Economist · 5 min

FOR ECONOMICS writing—a genre that stylistically is often closer to computer manuals than to literature—a discussion paper recently posted on the Federal Reserve’s website is a blessed relief. Jeremy Rudd, a Fed researcher, includes quotations from William Butler Yeats and Dashiell Hammett.

Enter third-wave economics

The Economist · 12 min

AS PART OF his plan for socialism in the early 1970s, Salvador Allende created Project Cybersyn. The Chilean president’s idea was to offer bureaucrats unprecedented insight into the country’s economy. Managers would feed information from factories and fields into a central database.

Blockchains Are the New App Stores

Entrepreneur · 6 min

It’s become impossible to not have the attention of cryptocurrency and the technology supporting the industry. It’s become mainstream and there seems to be no clear stop of the disruption.