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Recycling plastic is a total bust, industry critics say

CBS News · 4 min

Americans' use of plastic boomed during the pandemic, including mountains of single-use items such as takeout containers, plastic bags and, of course, face masks. At the same time, we're recycling less of this waste than in the past, according to a pair of recent studies.

Buy Now. Pay (and Pay, and Pay, and Pay) Later.

New York Magazine · 7 min

Let’s role-play. It’s March 2021. You’re 23, a year out of college. Your last semester was ruined by the pandemic, but now you’ve got a job with a firm that’s “reinventing commerce” in a loft with reclaimed wood and catered lunches.

Corporate America’s Long Con

The New Republic · 4 min

In recent months, the burgeoning unionization drives at companies such as Amazon and Starbucks have provided some of the only encouraging political news in this dreary, fussy year in American life.


The Economist · 4 min

Your browser does not support the <audio> element. America’s Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate by half a percentage point, lifting it to a target range of 0.75% to 1%. It was the biggest increase since 2000.