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16 Easy Recipes for Hungry, Busy People

The New York Times · 6 min

Or just hungry people who like easy recipes. We’ve shaken the sand from our shoes and tucked away our swimsuits until next summer, and the busyness of fall has begun: The calendar is filling up with to-dos and appointments, and if you can believe it, holiday plans.

33 Recipes To Make You Fall In Love With Dutch Ovens · 2 min

Have a tiny apartment kitchen? Tired of owning too many pots and pans, and want just one that can do it all? Look no further than a Dutch oven. Dutch ovens are cast-iron pots with lids that can go from the stovetop to the oven with ease, making them great for a variety of dishes.

How to Make Lemon Custard Magic Cake

Taste of Home · 3 min

Lemon desserts have a place at any table. After all, a punch of lemon pairs well with a wide variety of recipes, including a homemade magic custard cake! This recipe for lemon custard cake uses just six simple ingredients to produce a cake with surprising results.

How to Make the Best Miso Soup of Your Life

The New York Times · 4 min

Secrets from a chef who has a lifetime of experience with the dish. Seiji Ando never had to learn how to make miso soup. In Japan, it was the kind of thing they taught in elementary school. But as far as he can remember, he never really had to learn because he just always knew.

‘Chaos Cooking’ Is Coming — Are We Ready?

Eater · 11 min

Alex Watanabe does not mind that his new Mexican Japanese restaurant, set to open in December in the old Forlini’s space in downtown Manhattan, is being called “fusion” cuisine. “It’s just a practical description,” he says.