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The best meals follow 3 rules

CNN · 5 min

There can be something anxiety inducing about big meals. Whether you’re gathering for a holiday meal or interrupting your usual routine to meet up at a restaurant, those indulgent occasions can be sullied by feelings of shame or being out of control.

Thank You for Your Reservation

The New Yorker · 3 min

Thank you for booking at The Bailey. You are confirmed for four people at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, January 20th. Before we welcome you to our restaurant, a few housekeeping items, to insure that your visit with us is exceptional—and to avoid misunderstandings.

The secrets inside your saliva

BBC · 8 min

At first glance, saliva seems like pretty boring stuff, merely a convenient way to moisten our food. But the reality is quite different, as scientists are beginning to understand.