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The Best Spinach Lasagna Recipe

Serious Eats · 12 min

I'm not really much of a sleeper. No matter how often I try and no matter what method I take, I simply can't get into bed and nod off until four or five hours before I have to wake up.

double chocolate chip muffins

smitten kitchen · 3 min

Something I joke about when introducing a new muffin recipe (not this one!) in my new cookbook out this fall is the gap between the muffins we gaze at in a coffee shop case and those we make at home.

At Rowdy Rooster, Indian Fried Chicken Goes Fast-Casual

The New York Times · 5 min

There are no trade-offs for convenience at the new restaurant from the Dhamaka team, serving their fried chicken and other dishes that are ready in five minutes or less. Watching gifted chefs try to come up with a winning fast-casual formula can be a depressing sight.

simplest mushroom pasta

smitten kitchen · 4 min

Lately I’ve been trying to take as many stupid walks for my stupid mental health (a funny/wonderful TikTok trend from over the winter) as possible because if the last two years have taught me anything, it is that outside time is a very key ingredient in me being a warm, upbeat, charming person, th

Coffee bad, red wine good? Top food myths busted

The Guardian · 12 min

Modern nutritional science is only a hundred years old, so it’s no surprise that we’re constantly bamboozled by new and competing information about what to put into our bodies – or that we sometimes cling to reassuringly straightforward food myths which may no longer be true.

How to Grill the Perfect Steak

The New York Times · 3 min

Reverse-seared tri-tip may be the tastiest dish you grill all summer. Steven Raichlen guides you through the process. The quest to cook the perfect steak has been a challenge since slabs of meat were roasted over fire. But what constitutes a great steak?

One Good Thing: Garlic, a perfect food

Vox · 5 min

The fiery vegetable I almost forgot. It’s hard to complain about eating French cheese and baguette and rillettes and luscious stone fruit for weeks on end. I’d had steaming bowls of mussels and crispy-skinned rotisserie chickens and buttery potatoes and plenty of chocolate croissants.