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Opinion | Samuel Alito: One Angry Man

POLITICO · 5 min

The conservative Supreme Court justice is furious with the pace of social change — and poised to do something about it on Roe and much more. Aziz Huq teaches law at the University of Chicago and is the author of The Collapse of Constitutional Remedies.

The Coup in the Kremlin

Foreign Affairs · 12 min

On December 20, 1999, Vladimir Putin addressed senior officials of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) at its Lubyanka headquarters near Moscow’s Red Square.

Were The Stimulus Checks A Mistake?

FiveThirtyEight · 8 min

It wasn’t long ago that the U.S. economy needed a shot in the arm. Millions of Americans had lost their jobs as the country shut itself down to slow the spread of a deadly virus.

If Roe v. Wade falls, are LGBTQ rights next?

Vox · 12 min

Justice Alito is a staunch opponent of LGBTQ rights, but he may not have the votes to turn back the clock. Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion overruling Roe v. Wade, which was leaked to Politico and revealed to the public Monday night, is more than just an attack on abortion.

Russia’s Military Has a Railroad Problem

Foreign Policy · 7 min

Russia has scaled down its war goals in Ukraine, redeploying its forces to focus on the eastern Donbas region and the strategic port city of Odesa. A central question now is whether this shift in strategy will help solve the Russian military’s many problems with wartime logistics.

A Real Foreign Policy for the Middle Class

Foreign Affairs · 20 min

In February 2021, two weeks after taking office, U.S. President Joe Biden gave a speech outlining his foreign policy vision. Over the course of 20 minutes, the new president detailed many of Washington’s overseas interests, including promoting democracy and working with U.S.