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How the McRib, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Other Food Obsessions Came To Be

The surprising backstories of iconic snacks, fast food phenomena, and other guilty pleasures.

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The Not-So-American History of Cheez Whiz

Matt Blitz
Food & Wine

While seeming as American as imitation apple pie, Cheez Whiz wasn’t invented for palates in the USA; instead it was created for the British market as a shortcut for making the much beloved (in the UK) traditional dish, Welsh rarebit.

The Oral History of Four Loko

Maxine Builder
Grub Street

In 2010, Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” was the song of the summer, the iPhone 4 was cutting-edge smartphone technology, and oversized, camouflage-printed cans filled with hypercaffeinated super-booze were fueling New York’s party scene.

The Story of Sriracha Is the Story of America

Brian GrayConnie Lo

Sriracha: You probably know it as that ubiquitous bottle of chile sauce, the one with the rooster on the label, green cap on top, fiery red sauce inside. Its creator, Vietnamese refugee David Tran, has become nearly as legendary as the sauce he concocted; a personification of the American dream.