The World As We Know It Will End by 2050

The Tinder Hacker. To Get Better at Life, Try This Modern Mantra.

Jared Diamond: There’s a 49 Percent Chance the World As We Know It Will End by 2050

Fisheries around the world, most fisheries are being managed unsustainably, and they’re getting depleted. Farms around the world, most farms are being managed unsustainably. Soil, topsoil around the world.


10 Hard Truths About Management No One Tells You

Learn the hard truths you need to know before becoming a manager.

Are you ready to manage people? >

The Empty Brain

Your brain does not process information, retrieve knowledge, or store memories. In short: Your brain is not a computer.


Why Google Believes Machine Learning Is Its Future

We heard so much about machine learning at Google I/O this year.


To Get Better at Life, Try This Modern Mantra

Life is trying. Every time you have something figured out, some other thing seems to fall apart.


How We Make Gods

Taking lessons from the rise and fall of divinity in online games.


I Entered the World’s Longest, Loneliest Horse Race on a Whim, and I Won

Somehow, implausibly, against all the odds, I became the youngest person and first woman ever to win the Mongol Derby. What made me so sure I was ready, when I was totally unprepared?


The Tinder Hacker

When I asked Sean about his hobbies, I wasn’t prepared for what he said.


How Skin Care Became an At-Home Science Experiment

Faced with an overwhelming, opaque, and largely unregulated industry, people crowdsource tips and educate themselves about skin products.


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