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The Ultimate Reading List for Starting a Business

Everything you need to know about funding, launching, and marketing the business of your dreams.

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An “aha” moment. A hole in the market. A creative breakthrough. Every business begins with a single idea, but the decisions entrepreneurs make after that are what determines whether that idea becomes a profitable business.

As the content director at Create + Cultivate, I preoccupy myself with how to help people transform their big ideas into businesses that make a positive impact. And in doing so, I spend a lot of time online researching the ins and outs of putting down entrepreneurial roots—and am excited to share some of the most essential resources I've found.

This curated list of articles and guides will help you navigate specific obstacles as you prepare to launch the business that only you can launch. Because whether you want to open an Etsy shop, go freelance, or bootstrap your big idea, it’s an exciting time to strike out on your own and invest in yourself.

Small Business Marketing 101

Elizabeth Pritchett

AF: “You have something great to offer—you just need customers. Discover the meaning of inbound marketing and how to reach buyers by mapping out your channels and tactics.”

How to Set Business Goals (+ Achieve Them!)

Nikki Canning

AF: “Posting. Tweeting. TikToking. They’re all part of running a successful venture in 2023. This little guide will keep any new founder from feeling overwhelmed by social media.”

Ali Finney

Ali Finney is the Senior Content Director at Create & Cultivate, where she oversees the brand’s content strategy across the website, social media, email, and podcast.