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‘No Longer Invisible:’ Celebrating API Representation

Tune into Mozilla’s multimedia playlist of stories, songs, and organizations devoted to Asian and Pacific Islander representation

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In May, Mozillians united in virtual spaces to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. The big theme behind Moz API’s festivities this year was “No longer invisible,” which was inspired by the rise of API representation in media, products, food, and politics. When we see more people and cultures we can relate to, we ourselves feel ‘seen.’

While Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month has passed, our stories go on! The API community is no monolith, and we continue to explore and celebrate the intersectional experiences that make us who we are--with confidence and pride. Wrapping up LGBTQ+ Pride Month, we are now heading into South Asian Heritage Month in the United Kingdom. There are lots of stories to celebrate!

Image by Bulgnn / Getty Images

AUDIO: Inheriting

Emily Kwong

Moz-API: “‘Inheriting’ is a Los Angeles-based podcast led by NPR’s Emily Kwong, in which she explores how one event in history can ripple through generations of Asian American and Pacific Islander families. ‘Through these stories, we show how the past is personal and how to live with the legacies we’re constantly inheriting.’”

Korean American Story


Moz-API: “This storytelling series is a treasure trove of interviews, memories, and family snapshots that shape the collective, ‘ever evolving’ Korean American experience.”

VIDEO: Unpacking British Chinese Takeaways With Angela Hui

Bunch Of Bananas

Moz-API: “The Asian diaspora extends beyond the United States. This ‘All Things Asian’ podcast hosts Angela Hui, ‘a writer with deep ties to the Chinese takeaway scene in the UK, alongside discussions on the evolving cultural landscape of Chinatown.’ Here, they discuss ‘personal stories of family-owned Chinese takeaways, the adaptation and documentation of culinary traditions, and the broader implications of cultural shifts within Asian diaspora communities.’”

AUDIO: Self Evident: Asian America’s Stories

Self Evident Media

Moz-API: “Self Evident is a podcast that combines ‘reported narratives, personal stories, and community conversations in order to present a complex, empathetic portrait of Asian American life.’ Since its launch in 2019, it unpacks the thornier challenges faced by AAPI communities.”

An Introduction to Enchanted Asian Day

Yinsey Wang
Enchanted Living Magazine

Moz-API: “Created in 2021, Enchanted Asian Day takes place the second Saturday of every June, a celebratory movement that invites API creators to ‘breathe life into their own universes, find power in their own voices, and develop community among each other.’”

Asian Art Museum


Moz-API: “The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco houses one of the most comprehensive Asian art collections in the world. In addition to their collections (which we highly recommend enjoying in person), the museum hosts virtual tours and events for those who want an at-home experience.”

NON-PROFIT: Gold House


Moz-API: “Gold House is a non-profit cultural collective of ‘networks, investment funds, programs, and platforms uplifting API creativity and excellence. By supporting each other, the organization’s strategy is to build “a more powerful tomorrow for all.’”

Vogue Viewpoint: Fine Art Photographer Jingna Zhang on the Realities of the Fashion Industry

Jingna Zhang

Moz-API: “Jingna Zhang is a prolific fine art photographer and art director taking the industry by storm. (See her 2022 work showcasing the legendary Michelle Yeoh for Time Magazine and The Hollywood Reporter!) She is also an activist and advocate for copyright protection for artists and creatives, most recently winning a landmark copyright infringement appeal. Her victory marks a step towards better artist protections for all.

Zhang was one of our esteemed speakers for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month as well as LGBTQ+ Pride Month and we’re proud to shine an additional spotlight on this Vogue op-ed that highlights her experiences in fashion and includes a compelling call to action for more representation.”

APP: Cara


Moz-API: “Spurred by the rise of generative AI tools and data scraping, Zhang helped found Cara, a new portfolio app that puts the artist first. Cara, whose user base has skyrocketed the app to the top of the app store, was designed to protect artists’ work from being used to train AI–only allowing AI content to be posted if it’s clearly labeled.”

NOVEL: Everything I Learned, I Learned in a Chinese Restaurant

Curtis Chin

Moz-API: “With an illustrious career in network comedy and social justice documentaries, Curtis Chin is the author of the award-winning, coming-of-age and coming-out memoir, Everything I Learned, I Learned in a Chinese Restaurant, which traces his journey to find his voice as a writer and activist through 1980’s Detroit amid rising xenophobia, the AIDS epidemic, and the Reagan Revolution — all set against the backdrop of his family’s popular Chinese restaurant.

You can also learn more about and contribute to Chin’s eight-episode documentary series, which will cover ‘the often-unknown and overlooked stories, history, and socio-political roots of Chinese restaurants in the US and their implications for the future of Asian American communities, immigration policy, and broader civil society.’

Mozilla was honored to have Chin speak to the organization and, as a bonus, share a few recommendations, listed below.”

NON-PROFIT: Asian American Writers’ Workshop


Moz-API: “Chin is a co-founder of the Asian American Writers’ Workshop–the premiere non-profit dedicated to promoting Asian American writers–and served on Barack Obama’s Asian American Leadership Committee during his 2008 Presidential Campaign.

He co-funded AAWW in response to the lack of media coverage and representation in the wake of Vincent Chin’s murder, and devotes the space to amplifying the next generation of Asian American storytellers. It is ‘a vital sanctuary space for writers and readers alike,’ mobilizing ‘the literary community toward a more just future.’”

FILM: Dear Corky

Curtis Chin

Moz-API: “You can enjoy Chin’s most recent film, a short documentary about Corky Lee, the New York-based photographer who documented Asian American communities across the country.”