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Who’s Shaping the Future of AI?: Dispatches From the Policy Battlefield

How governments and businesses try to keep up with a technology shifting faster than regulation can handle.

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Welcome to Mozilla’s AI-focused collections, regularly updated reading lists on how artificial intelligence can inspire, inform, protect, and guide us.

Here, we explore how the humans in the government and private sector are using and battling AI to shape the policies that every part of our lives and futures.

The Text File That Runs the Internet

David Pierce
The Verge

For three decades, a tiny text file has kept the internet from chaos. This text file has no particular legal or technical authority, and it’s not even particularly complicated.

The EU’s AI Act and How Companies Can Achieve Compliance

Reid BlackmanIngrid Vasiliu-Feltes
Harvard Business Review

Companies need to analyze where they might fail to be compliant and then operationalize or implement the requisite steps to close the gaps in a way that reflects internal alignment. For most companies, that won’t be easy. The article lays out what boards, C-suites, and managers need to do to make this process work and ensure their companies will be compliant when regulation comes into force.

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