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How to Quit Just About Anything

Whether you’re interested in the science of habit change or specific tactics for cutting out sugar or social media, these strategies can help you find meaning in self sacrifice beyond self-improvement.

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Image by Vyacheslav Dumchev / Getty Images

Want to Swear Less? Here Are 5 Methods You Can Try

Emily Petsko
Mental Floss

Swearing is awfully good fun, and in some ways, it’s even good for you. However, it’s not always proper in the presence of polite company, and as we all know, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. So if you’re trying to cut back on cussing, here are a few tactics you can try.

How to Stop Eating Sugar

David Leonhardt
The New York Times

If you’re like most Americans, you eat more sugar than is good for you. But it’s entirely possible to eat less sugar without sacrificing much — if any — of the pleasures of eating.

If You’re Trying to Take a Break From Drinking, Try These 6 Strategies

Allison AubreyAndee Tagle

If you’ve decided to take a break from drinking alcohol, you’re not alone. Breaking the booze habit, whether it’s for 30 days or longer, has its benefits. But for many people, the challenge is getting started. Here are six strategies and tips to get you on your way.

How to Quit Plastic

Perry Santanachote
Consumer Reports

Like going on a diet, the first step in reducing the amount of single-use plastic we discard is to understand how much we really consume.